Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 4, 2012

I left Watertown to clear skies and rising temperatures all day.  Took Hwy 3 south along the Lake Ontario to the town of New Haven, where I picked up Hwy 104 to Rochester.  Along the way, I passed through Mexico and Texas...the towns thereof, anyway.  Along the way, I diverted to catch the Ray Bay lighthouse, which turned out to have been converted to a private residence with lots of no-trespassing signs.  I did get a shot of it, though, and it's very nice:

The little town of Ray Bay was located on Ray Bay, on Lake Ontario, and consisted of about 100 or so homes.

I followed Hwy 104 all along Lake Ontario through Rochester and then took I-90 over to Buffalo for the Buffalo Transportation Museum.  This summer, I had read that the Museum has had a make-over and I wanted to see it.  There were many automobiles produced in Buffalo over the years, and there still is a GM engine plant and a Ford stamping plant in the Buffalo area.  The two most famous makes produced in Buffalo were the Thomas (of Thomas Flyer fame) and the Pierce Arrow.  Pierce went bankrupt in 1936, but the original factory still stands, although, unfortunately, the museum is not located in it.  Any, the museum was pretty interesting and the facility has certainly been upgraded.

This is the entrance to the museum:

And sitting in the parking lot was this:

Unfortunately, not the real thing.  It's a 1980's Replicar of a 1936 Auburn Speedster.

Inside the museum were a number of interesting exhibits.  I didn't know it, but Pierce built horse carriages, bicycles, and motorcycles in addition to cars.  I thought Frank Kramer here looked particularly determined:

And this is a 1904-model Pierce motorcycle:

Here are a few of the more interesting cars they had on exhibit:

A 1934 Pierce-Arrow.

An absolutely gorgeous 1957 T-Bird with removable hardtop.

 1963 Chevy Impala 409 with 4 on the floor and the original interior and paint.

An early (I think prior to 1910) Model-T Roadster from the days before "you can have any color you want as long as it's black."

And, finally, this 1929 Stutz with someone's grandmother helping sell car wax.

All in all, a very nicely done museum.  I'm in Batavia, NY for the night and will be home tomorrow.

Miles today:  278
Total:  6,008