Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

I left Moncton this morning and headed down Hwy 2 and up Hwy 16 to the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.  The bridge is about 9 miles long and crosses over the Northumberland Strait.  I remember seeing a documentary about the building of the bridge in the late 1990's and the challenges they had with engineering it to handle the ice floes that made their way down the Strait.  Well, the result was pretty spectacular:

After crossing the bridge, I stopped at the Car Life Museum, which had a few interesting tidbits, including Elvis' 1959 Caddy Convertible:

On into Charlottetown, the Provincial Capital, and out the other side to Hwy 1 along the coast.  As was the coast of New Brunswick, the coast of PEI is equally spectacular.  First stop was the Point Prim lighthouse, which is on a peninsula that juts out into Northumberland Strait about 5 miles.  The lighthouse was typical of the ones I've been seeing:

This was a really remote location;  it's hard to imagine living there as the lightkeeper 150 years ago.  You can see how rugged the shoreline is:

Next stop was Cape Bear Lighthouse about 35 miles further east and off the coast of Cape Breton Island, the northern island of Nova Scotia.  The interesting thing about Cape Bear was that it had a radio receiving station (aka a "Marconi" station) at the lighthouse and was the first station in Canada to report having received distress signals from the Titanic.  Below is a copy of the Times of London on April 16, 1912 carrying the story of the ship's sinking:

Below is a picture taken from the top of the lighthouse off shore.  If you look carefully in the right portion of the pic, you can see Cape Breton island off in the distance:

After leaving Cape Bear, I headed north to Souris and the lighthouse there.  The lighthouse itself was pretty much a carbon copy of the others:

But I thought the Bay was pretty:

The final stop of the day was at East Point, the furthest northeast point on the island.  facing out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.  I also thought East Point was in the prettiest setting of the lighthouses I've seen so far:

And the scenery was really something, too:

Anyway, this was another beautiful day with a lot of gorgeous scenery to take in.  Tomorrow, it's around the other side of the island and more sights.

Miles today:  331
Total:  2,654